A Voice For Unplugging

I came across this video earlier this morning and thought you all might enjoy it. It’s a fine rant about unplugging and enjoying what’s going on in the present moment. (note: some strong language). It’s easy to get caught up in the Social Media buzz train, but until we step back and look around we may forget what it is we are missing… Unplug for a moment to look around at your family and friends, to look around at nature and to be still in the present moment.

A Long & Happy Life – Eleven Ways

11 Ways To Live A Long & Happy Life

Everywhere you go in the world you’ll find that people just want to be happy, I know that sounds like a given but being happy can often take work and a plan.

Think about your own life, are you happy often, sometimes or rarely? And what exactly makes you happy, is it something you do, something you think or maybe it’s something external to you. Maybe new possessions or another person is what it takes to make you happy.

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Your Endlessly Cascading Thoughts: Are They Real?

Practice Meditation Right Now Unless we stop and look at our mind for a moment we might miss out on the endlessly cascading thoughts all yelling for attention. By some estimates I’ve seen each of us has over 50,000 random thoughts created within our mind everyday, thoughts about everything from the weather to when will I get a raise. Most of the time we don’t notice these thoughts clamoring for attention as they rush by quicker than a blink of our eye. Our thoughts are a never ending (or so it seems) stream of energy cluttering are brains and distracting us from what we want to focus on. [Read more…]

5 Everyday Practices to Living the Good Life



While growing up I often would ask questions about things that perplexed me and my dad often answered me with, “life doesn’t come with an instruction manual.” As a kid I would just look at him still perplexed as he would go back to reading his newspaper, as a teenager I would scowl at him for what seemed like a brush off. But later in life I realized he didn’t have an answer to give me and was just passing on the same words his father had given him when he was still willing to express his curiosity.

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Arduously Breaking Patterns


Breaking Patterns

A Phoenix of Opportunity – Breaking Patterns

It will come as no surprise to most that our lives consist of intertwined pattens of behavior. When I awoke this morning I stumbled my way downstairs saying hello to the cat then flicked the switch to heat hot water for coffee, I followed the same pattern that I’ve been doing for what seems like years. The pattern of my actions are neither good or bad they are just a routine that is comfortable for me to follow and one that has a reward at the end, coffee. [Read more…]

Where Is Your Forgiveness?

forgiveness is power

Forgiveness is not at this moment in Earth’s history a concept that holds much value, at least not much value with most people. In country after country new laws are passed daily criminalizing some action some group doesn’t like and there seems no end to what will become a crime next. Lawsuits from individuals against other individuals multiply exponentially. The word crime has replaced the word mistake or accident and neighbors build higher and higher fences while gated communities multiply.

Where is the spirit of forgiveness located in our world society? Have we forgotten the multitude of our own character defects? Is punishment the last tool we have left to deal with human transgressions? Maybe I’m thinking on too big a scale, maybe for a little while I need to think about the small forgiveness that I can give to myself and then to others. And in that vein I ran across a post at theunboundspirit.com writter by Luminita Saviuc.  Read this excerpt and if it touches you please click on the link at the bottom to read the entire post, oh and share it if you like it. [Read more…]

Where Did The Present Go?

Is Time Speeding Up?

Unless you live somewhere where technology has yet to penetrate it’s likely a day won’t go by where you aren’t reminded to Be in the Present or Stay in the Present. It seems that in windows of every bookstore, yoga studio, hip cafe, college dorm, tech startup and hanging from the rear-view mirror of many urban taxis we are reminded to Be Here Now.  But even with all these reminders scrolling across our smart phones and tablets I more often hear people ask, Where Did The Present Go? Where did the day go or maybe you’ve asked yourself, where did my life go.

The easy answer to the question is “the present is right here, right now.” But I’m pretty sure if you are asking the question you don’t want an answer that seems quite so flip. I know if I asked someone where did all the time go and they gave me a stock answer I’d give them a frown in return. It’s an important question that I’m sure you’ve asked yourself many times and a question that is complicated because the answer does little if anything to quell the feelings of unease attached to it. [Read more…]

Always Breathe in Meditation: Finding the Approach That’s Best for You

always breathe

I remember hearing a song a couple of years ago with the refrain “Don’t Forget To Breathe,” pretty good advice don’t you think? The refrain from the song is not as silly as it seems at first blush, most of us are not aware just how shallow our breath becomes throughout the day as we move about with our activities and even when we are meditating we lose focus on what our breath is doing. Our breath is automatic but subject to the the ebb and flow of our emotions and daily activity.

I was thinking about my breath when I came across this post How To Breathe in Meditation at the  About Meditation website. The post has some very good tips about different styles of observing your breath while meditating of which you see one below. [Read more…]

Are You Still Multitasking? What It Does to Our Brains

Sometimes it seems that is like breathing, I don’t think about it I just do it and sometimes I think I’m multitasking more than I’m breathing. Yes I know that it’s a very inefficient use of my time and that I get less done when I’m in juggle mode, but I still grasp at the many shinny objects in front of me as if my life depended on it.

It turns out that my life, at least a more fulfilling life depends on doing one thing at a time. Who knew? Lots of people who study the #brain knew and they have been telling us for years about it we just haven’t been listening.

Leo Widrich just penned a post about what multitasking does to our brains. The post uses some simple images to help school us on what’s going on when we attempt to multitask and why many of us continue to do so even though we know better. (hint – it makes us feel good)

 We all know this and have heard it hundreds of times. To work efficiently we have to #single task. No multitasking.

And yet, we let it slip. We end up eating lunch in front of the TV with our laptop open. We browse Twitter and Facebook while sending emails and chatting in multiple Gchat windows. We know we really should be focusing on just that one assignment, blog post, proposal or piece of code but we just can’t.

For the vast majority of us, multitasking by working on different things at the same time makes us less efficient. Why the heck is it so hard to focus on just one thing then?

Recently I started to develop a new work routine online, that specifically focuses on single-tasking only. The results I got were amazing and I want to share more on this further down.

To understand what actually goes on in our brains and see if it all makes sense, I went ahead and found some stunning research and answers to these questions

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