5 Everyday Practices to Living the Good Life



While growing up I often would ask questions about things that perplexed me and my dad often answered me with, “life doesn’t come with an instruction manual.” As a kid I would just look at him still perplexed as he would go back to reading his newspaper, as a teenager I would scowl at him for what seemed like a brush off. But later in life I realized he didn’t have an answer to give me and was just passing on the same words his father had given him when he was still willing to express his curiosity.

Living life in the sphere of happiness is still not widely taught to kids nor encouraged as a lifestyle choice in young adults, most of the worlds systems purpose is to maintain a population that follows the path of fitting in. It is only now that I realize it is because they just don’t know that there is so much more we can strive for, so many more dreams we can pursue and that the a good life is worth taking a shot at.

Over at the Unbound Spirit their post 5 Everyday Practices to Living the Good Life reprints a selection from author Mark Nepo.. if it hits a cord click the link to read more.

5 Everyday Practices to Living the Good Life
5 Everyday Practices to Living the Good Lifereprinted a selection from Mark Nepo of which I’ve placed a bit below…


The journey of becoming who we were born to be never ends.
It’s limitless, eternal. We don’t arrive — we grow. And to grow
requires presence and practice.

Given the pulls to be cruel or kind, to be clever or
sincere, to hoard or give away, we can explore several
practices that, if personalized, can help us turn our burden
back into wonder.

  • The practice of uncertainty is patience.
    That is, the only way to move through uncertainty, the only
    way to listen for what it has to say, is by being patient. The
    speech of uncertainty is slow. When we move too fast, the
    lessons are unintelligible.
  • The practice of opportunity is trust, which means following
    our heart.
    Opportunity always presents itself as an opening that seems
    a bit smaller than we think we can fit through. Following our
    heart means trusting that we will fit through the opening we
    are given.

The endless practice of being human involves learning how to
strengthen our heart by exercising it in the world, and how to
refine who we are through caring, building, holding and
repairing. No one can do this for us, though no one can do it
alone. The way cells need blood and blood needs tissue, we need
each other to be fully alive.


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5 Everyday Practices to Living the Good Life | The Unbounded Spirit.

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