Don’t Step On Me, Meditating in the Midst of Change

Plugging Into The Awareness of Change While Meditating

Often the practice of meditation happens in isolation, even in the midst of a group. The quiet swirls around us as we sit making it seem like nothing is going on. Or maybe the observation of our breath leads us into a perception that nothing exists beyond the tip of our nose gently being brushed by the in and outflow of air. What do you notice in the midst of change?

[color-box rounded=”0″]”The exposure of someone stopping their day and resigning 30 minutes to
quiet and still peace affected each participant, the throngs of people
around them, and me.”[/color-box]

So when I came across this Kickstarter project recently my breath became sharply shallow for a moment at the thought meditating in the middle of daily life. People and noise all around shuffling and squeaking past while inside there is nothing or maybe a battle with something and nothing, I smiled. What a creative and intriguing idea to film people meditating in the midst of change.

[color-box rounded=”0″]”Alyssa commented on how she was nervous at first, but eventually started
to slow things down and even feel how other people saw her, all while
her breath continued and her eyes stayed shut.”[/color-box]

Of course change never slows even if we sit in the middle of stillness, no it steams forward crunching it’s way through our perception of reality and through reality itself. To get a chance to experience change while sitting outside of it is like inserting your consciousness into the poem as you write it, while the leaves float in the breeze all around, you are the leaves and the noise.

[color-box rounded=”0″]”It is time to expand this and get more people involved in supporting
this project. I am proposing making this a continual, episodic endeavor,
starting with three locations I am already scheduled to visit this year
– my hometown of Austin, TX, Los Angeles, CA and Rio de Janeiro,

In 26 (May 5th 2014) days this Kickstarter project A Peace of The World will end and hopefully it’s creator Taylor Powell will have the funds he needs to move this creative and thoughtful project forward. I hope you all will check this out and if you share my enthusiasm you’ll donate to help make it happen.



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