Mindfulness Is An Everyday Install

I have been thinking about change recently and today on this first day of 2014 the word install came to me as I starred absentmindedly out my office window. Installing an everyday mindfulness practice to your life on the first day of a new year is really no different than adding it on any other day with one exception. The exception is that today you did it. 

The word install is an action word that has become as common as build, construct or erect were a few decades a ago. We install and uninstall apps on our smart phones and tablets so frequently we may no longer even pay attention to the installation or the why. When we Install a practice of mindfulness everyday we are revisiting our commitment to paying attention to each moment, if your practice of mindfulness is on autopilot it really is not booting up into your memory instead it has become the antithesis of mindfulness, it has become absent-mindfulness. 

To paraphrase Jon Kabat-Zinn when talking about the gravity or importance of mindfulness,  “mindfulness is paying attention; on purpose; in the present moment; non-judgmentally; as if your life depended upon it.

install an everyday mindfulness practice

It’s a good question to ask, does your life depend on an everyday install of a mindfulness practice? I can’t answer this question for you, and without having an everyday mindfulness practice I don’t think you can answer it for yourself. I’m not being flip or mean I just think it’s important to point out that without having the experience of an everyday practice of mindfulness how could you possibly know.?

Mindfulness will bring you into awareness of what is happening right here, right now and allow you to stand squarely in the present without the shadows of either the past or the future coloring your view. Today is a great day to install a shiny new app within yourself, don’t you think?


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